Christmas is coming faster than you think!

Posted on July 29, 2010


Candy Cane Baby Bib or Dishcloth

Yes, I have one Christmas project done already.  This baby bib comes in 2 sizes (infant/toddler) with a snap-on strap.  (The buttons are just for show.)  If you don’t have a wee one to protect from spills, leave off the strap and it magically changes into a dishcloth.

This pattern will be offered at Yarn, my favorite shop in Hutchinson KS, as part of the “Twelve Patterns of Christmas.”  Check Yarn’s website in December for which patterns will be offered daily.  (There is a link on this blog, under “Knitting.”

And for those who accuse me of being an uber-organized over-achiever, I laugh heartily.  I will be knitting frantically on December 23rd, trying to get presents done.  I just live in fear of Shannon, who wanted this pattern early.

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